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Agriculture Machinery

In the past, farmers mainly used their hands and hand tools for cutting, threshing, and cleaning grains. Not only was this time-consuming and effort-consuming, but it also slowed overall productivity down. Farming now is done more efficiently and effectively by a single machine. Agricultural implements such as this combine harvester can be used to harvest, winnow and thresh several crops. It can be utilized in the fields where wheat, corn, rice, pulses and seeds, like flax seeds, etc., are grown. Only part of this crop is edible, and farmers must remove the stalks and inedible parts. Those using combine harvester, their profits have increased due to improved operation processes. 
Weeds are basically plants that grow where they are not wanted. Unwanted plants like them compete with crops for nutrients, water, and light, which can affect the crop yield. In order to help farmers, pull off weed from the soil, we can come up with a power weeder. Rotary Weeder is machine used for mechanically removing weeds. It is beneficial to farmers who use a minimal amount of herbicide. To weed one hectare by hand requires about 25 days of work alone. With rotary weeder, farmers can weed three rows at a time, it is easy to operate, and it is light in weight.
Advanced agricultural implements and equipment have eased the tasks of farmers. Today, modern machines can easily handle the work that used to take days or weeks earlier. This reaper binder harvests and binds low stem crops, including wheat, rice, barley, among others. The reaper-binder reaps the crop while also binding it with a string. With incredibly low operating costs, this agricultural equipment guarantees complete straw recovery with minimal grain losses. With the help of this machine, farmers can easily harvest standing crops.

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